Dance Classes in Lakewood, Colorado

Dream Dance Studios, Colorado.
Jane Austins Review:

can dancing be funAs a parent of a young, and energetic 7 year old. I was desperate to find a place to take my child to get some of her energy out, learn a discipline, and help her focus more in her day to day life. While also learning a lot of valuable life lessons that I know sports and physical activities can teach. I had thought about Karate classes, maybe Soccer, or even Gymnastic. I wanted to choose something my child would take quickly to, and also love.

I noticed my child was constantly dancing in the living room to Disney musicals, and other musicals on Spotify. I immediately thought that dance would be perfect for her. She is naturally gifted in dance, (or so it seemed to my untrained, admittedly biased parental eye). I immediately began looking for schools in the Lakewood area. There were plenty of options, but none seemed to quite fit what I was looking for, I wanted my child to feel at home and like she belonged. I also wanted highly experienced teachers, and good quality lessons. All for a, hopefully, reasonable price. A tall order to fill I know, but her I want the best for my daughter!

Luckily it didn’t take me long to find Dream Dance Studios. They were perfectly located to me, not too far outside the city, and their reviews on Google were amazing! I spent quite sometime reading through the testimony and reviews of other parents and students of Dream Dance Studio. I knew Immediately this was a place I wanted to try out, and take my daughter to.

Within minutes of walking into the studio I knew this was the place. The teachers immediately made my daughter feel welcome. She quickly jumped in and started making friends! I was so proud, tears started welling up in my eyes. They offer a wide range of dance styles and options for kids, but my little girl immediately wanted to do Ballet.

The Ballet instructors here are amazing at keeping the little ones interested in Ballet. They really allow them to be creative and explore their learning and have fun, all while learning this beautiful art!

I highly recommend any parent in the Lakewood area, who is searching for activities for their kids, to seek out Dream Dance Studio. The Ballet classes especially are an absolute dream, (no pun intended) for my daughter. I am so glad I found Dream Dance Studio, and my daughter couldn’t be happier!