Dance Classes in Lakewood, Colorado

Dream Dance Studios, Colorado.
Jane Austins Review:

can dancing be funAs a parent of a young, and energetic 7 year old. I was desperate to find a place to take my child to get some of her energy out, learn a discipline, and help her focus more in her day to day life. While also learning a lot of valuable life lessons that I know sports and physical activities can teach. I had thought about Karate classes, maybe Soccer, or even Gymnastic. I wanted to choose something my child would take quickly to, and also love.

I noticed my child was constantly dancing in the living room to Disney musicals, and other musicals on Spotify. I immediately thought that dance would be perfect for her. She is naturally gifted in dance, (or so it seemed to my untrained, admittedly biased parental eye). I immediately began looking for schools in the Lakewood area. There were plenty of options, but none seemed to quite fit what I was looking for, I wanted my child to feel at home and like she belonged. I also wanted highly experienced teachers, and good quality lessons. All for a, hopefully, reasonable price. A tall order to fill I know, but her I want the best for my daughter!

Luckily it didn’t take me long to find Dream Dance Studios. They were perfectly located to me, not too far outside the city, and their reviews on Google were amazing! I spent quite sometime reading through the testimony and reviews of other parents and students of Dream Dance Studio. I knew Immediately this was a place I wanted to try out, and take my daughter to.

Within minutes of walking into the studio I knew this was the place. The teachers immediately made my daughter feel welcome. She quickly jumped in and started making friends! I was so proud, tears started welling up in my eyes. They offer a wide range of dance styles and options for kids, but my little girl immediately wanted to do Ballet.

The Ballet instructors here are amazing at keeping the little ones interested in Ballet. They really allow them to be creative and explore their learning and have fun, all while learning this beautiful art!

I highly recommend any parent in the Lakewood area, who is searching for activities for their kids, to seek out Dream Dance Studio. The Ballet classes especially are an absolute dream, (no pun intended) for my daughter. I am so glad I found Dream Dance Studio, and my daughter couldn’t be happier!

Hemp Cigars & Nightout on the Town

High CBD Hemp Cigars Sealing the Deal for Parties

by: Jason T. Byrd

denver hemp cigars night lifeFor many years I’ve been a photographer as well as a journalist and I’ve been fortunate enough to have been introduced to some of the most amazing people in the world. With that said many times I get invited to some amazing galas of sorts. Early this year while I was in Colorado for St. Patrick’s day I was offered the chance to hit up the town and see what Denver had to offer.

I was with quite a popular crowd as well this night.  Some of these people you would certainly recognize and might even idle, so it was not just an ordinary night out on the town. We managed to squeeze our way into many amazing night clubs meeting other high profile individuals as well able to get a table at an extremely opulent restaurant with a bill that reached 5 figures! After a night of hobnobbing we ended up in a elegant looking cigar bar, fit with marble and finished wood for as long as the eye could see. The smell of damp smoky wood chips filled the air as we all sat in the VIP room in the back.

Leather La-Z-boy chairs and couches spaced out across the room seemed to bring in more of the ambiance of the room. In the corner a flat screen TV hung scrolling through a brilliant tropical tour, in the middle a wooden and glass table sat with wooden and steel looking ash trays sitting on top patiently. The crowd I was with all sat down in their chairs next to those whom they’ve been rapported with for the night.

Soon our host of the night stood up and pulled a small wooden box from his suit as if it was a magic trick. He looked up from his slightly tinted aviator glasses and smiled as he opened it on the wooden table. We all looked down and saw a set of extremely¬† green cigars resting inside a glass tube. But then a gentleman in the corner that was courting a woman throughout the night stopped his flirting, digressed and composed himself, he walked forward and like a ring leader at a circus, he then took a slight bow and said, “Gentleman, and my lady. May I present to you a hemp cigar, please enjoy the rest of your night”.

With that, the gentleman with the aviators passed them out to all of us emptying the small wooden box. Then we were directed to carefully snip the draw end of the hemp cigar to avoid any tar build up, then with a simple flick of a match we all started to puff and turn to ignite the green leafed cigar. The initial pull of the first puff surprised me, the taste was incredible and although mimicked a tobacco cigar it was certainly NOT, I was able to inhale and experience the full bodied-ness of this craft masterpiece. The hemp cigar was equipped in a very professional manner. The cigar label was engraved and raised as I ran my fingers across it. The label was also created in a way some of our more conspiracy and spiritualist type guests were more than happy to try to break down and discuss.

Soon it hit us all, the high CBD flower that was inside the cylindrical tube was planting subtle smiles on all of us and the mood changed to a relaxed and almost giddy happiness. Now I’ve never been one to enjoy a marijuana high but the parts of the marijuana I enjoyed when I was in high school and college seemed to stick with me while dropping the anxiousness and jitteriness to the sides.

smoking hemp cigars

Although a few times I was expecting it to rear it’s head and show up, it never did. We all sat in this beautiful VIP room enjoying the feelings, the smells and the tastes of the hemp cigar and our own company for the next 2 hours. Soon it was time to go home and I had to ask our host. Where in the world did you manage to get these?

He smiled and said that he was able to purchase them at a huge party in Denver earlier that day with his friend from the corner. He was rather aloof about it but I could read the label on the hemp cigar and the tube it came in. The company was Acme 420 Hegars. I later found out the company was also responsible for the very first “cannagar” they call a Magar.

So I reached out to Acme Hemp Labs to learn more about these amazing party sealing hemp cigars and they said they would be ready to take orders online. Sadly I thought they meant soon at that point. I have currently been patiently waiting for them to complete their online ordering process. Well today is that day and just like I said I would, I wrote this article about my introduction to this amazingly crafted smoking masterpiece.

You can now order hemp cigars online through their website and it’s 100% legal according to the recently passed farm bill. So there you have it. Cigars watch out, Hegars are on their way.

Jason T. Byrd